1.What do you think of when you hear the word “Cyberbullying?”

2.How is Cyberbullying like being bullied in-person and how is it different?

3.Do you know anyone who has been a victim of hurtful email messages or postings on a social networking site?
What do you think YOU should do if it happens to you or to someone you know?

4.If you are angry about something that someone has done or said, what are some alternative ways that you could deal with your anger, other than sending an angry email or saying nasty things about the person on a social networking site?

5.What kinds of personal information should you NEVER provide online, without parental permission?

6.Posting personal information to a social networking site, like facebook or MySpace, can be very risky. You do not really have control over who might see the information and how they might use it, even if you think your page is only being viewed by your network “friends.” Can you think of other examples of risky behavior that might have negative consequences?

7.What would be the best thing to do if someone that you don’t know is requesting personal information from you on a social networking site, by email, or through some other digital format?

8.Do you know what your school’s Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) says about Cyberbullying and Internet Safety? What kinds of actions might get you into trouble?

9.Do you feel that your school’s policies about cyberbullying are fair? Are they strong enough? Are they clearly communicated to everyone at the school, so that you know what you should do if you are a victim of cyberbullying?

10.Is it possible for teachers or school officials to be victims of cyberbullying, just like students?