Lesson 2: Google SketchUp 3D Room

Create a 3D Room using Google SketchUp. Your room must be similar to the one pictured below. This assignment is worth 100pts

*-5 points for anything not done correctly*

STEP 1: Design the space
STEP 2: Make Chairs and Sofas
STEP 3: Make Tables
STEP 4: Make Other Components
STEP 5: Design the Layout
STEP 6: Add Finishing Touches

STEP 7: Make sure room includes all the items listed:
  1. Foundation of Building
  2. Create Angular Walls with Colors
  3. Chairs & Sofas
  4. Glass Table
  5. Rug
  6. Television
  7. Speakers
  8. Texture and Shadow

STEP 8: Save 3D Room in .skp format

STEP 9: Make New Wiki Page titled "3D Room"

STEP 10: Upload 3D Room (.skp) to the New Wiki Page

STEP 11: Make link from your Assignment Wiki Page to the New Wiki Page

STEP 12: Email Mr. Benson letting him know you finished the 3D Room assignment